Hi, I'm Martin Doubravsky.

I Work Remotely from the 🌎.

I’m an online experience designer.


I’ve been focusing on design and experience for the past 10 years, always with the users in mind!

My goal on every project is to create the best user experience possible.

To ensure the experience that I imagine is truly fulfilled I need to cover the whole frontend life-cycle - from the big picture - what the project business goals are and how to get there, how to improve the conversion ratio, cognitive loads & barriers, psychology, … - down to the very polished details such as neat animations and invisible - yet powerful - details.

It’s all about a coherent, end-to-end user-centered flow

that the users should tap into.

Thus, throughout the whole life-cycle I try to ask the right questions.

I strive for creative and innovative work,

pushing the limits all the time.

Then selling it to the team.

I always have a great time creating the experience.
It’s such a complex story I never get bored.

Man, this reminds me of how much I love my job! ♥

I love working remotely and being part of a distributed team.
I’ve been working on projects around the world for almost my whole career.

Thus I'm perfectly fine with overlapping different timezones.

Get in touch.

If you got here I'd love to get to know you better.

Let me know!